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E & Associates Property Management Group

Selecting EAPMG assures qualified, experienced, and professional management for your condominium property. We are a full service management company tailored to offer specific solutions to your individual Association. As a company with our own staff of professionals and tradesmen, we are able to offer services other companies cannot. Our services are devoted solely to managing all aspects of your association, in addition to maintaining a proactive and long term strategy to save money! Whether the board prefers a “hands on” approach or only that of an advisor, we will be able to accommodate your property management issues and help your association plan for the future. Our expertise, the dedication of our people, depth of resources and painstaking attention to detail set us apart from every other residential real estate manager.


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EAPMG provides consulting for community associations and builders/developers. EAPMG Consulting offers programs that are comprehensive, community friendly and informative. Our programs have resulted in improved community organization, positive morale and efficient operations.

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