Why Use EAPMG?

  • Sensitive Issues
    It is difficult for a self-managed property to deal with sensitive issues. (i.e. payment violations, complaints, etc.). Board members face a dilemma, as the people who are late with payments or in violation are friends and/or neighbors. As your management company, EAPMG acts as the liaison, or buffer between the "Board" and residents / homeowners the board members who volunteer their time on behalf of the community, can still enjoy their home.
  • Collection
    The association relies on prompt payment of assessments to pay their obligations. When a homeowner defaults, it hurts the association, especially if it is a small association. It is extremely difficult for a board member to approach a neighbor regarding non-payment of dues.
  • Real Estate Sales
    Each time a home is sold there is paperwork that has to be completed. This includes forms from the mortgage company, phone calls from the Realtor, Loan Officer, Attorney, Insurance Agent, Seller and buyer. In addition an assessment letter has to be prepared, certifying that assessment dues are current, what future payments will be, what special assessments are anticipated. How many residences are rented and the waving of the right of first refusal.
  • Complaints
    EAPMG handles all neighbor disputes; board members need not get involved in disputes with their neighbors.
  • Maintenance issues
    EAPMG solicits and evaluate bids for services to be performed. Vendors communicate request to EAPMG.
  • Phone Calls
    If there is no management company who on the board will accept calls regarding the association affairs.
  • Clerical
    As your management company, EAPMG can type up the newsletters, notices of meetings, bulletins, and any other communications to the membership on behalf of the board, and also do the mailings.
  • Board Meetings
    EAPMG can prepare the agenda and related information in the management report, and give it to the board in time for the review, so they may conduct a professional, effective board meeting.
  • Contracts
    Who signs/approves contracts? While the board approves any contractual agreement, EAPMG will review the specifications and prepare a summary that will help protect the association before the board approves a contract.
  • Payment of Bills
    EAPMG can review, prepare and sign checks for payment of services including, but not limited, to utilities(phone, gas, electric, cable, water), construction projects, building insurance security, claims, janitorial and maintenance contracts, and any other vendor conducuting services in your building.
  • Audit/Taxes
    Each association must have a tax return done for both state and federal taxes. The paperwork is prepared for the auditor and taxes (if any) paid as required.
  • Insurance
    Each association must carry insurance, Liability, Directors and Officers and if required other coverage depending on the type of association. As your management company, EAPMG will get proper insurance in place to protect the association as well as the board members.