• Selecting EAPMG assures qualified, experienced, and professional management for your condominium property. We are a full service management company tailored to offer specific needs of your individual Association. As a company with our own staff of professionals and tradesmen, we are able to offer services other companies cannot. Our services are devoted solely to managing all aspects of your association, in addition to maintaining a proactive and long term strategy to save money! Whether the board prefers a “hands on” approach or only that of an advisor, we will be able to accommodate your property management issues and help your association plan for the future.

    Our expertise, the dedication of our people, depth of resources and painstaking attention to detail set us apart from every other residential real estate manager.

  • Mission
    To provide the highest level of maintenance and service standards for the comfort and satisfaction of our residents while maximizing the long-term value of each property we manage through efficient and cost-effective policies and procedures.
  • Management Philosophy
    At EAPMG, we realize the importance of the responsibility we have to our owners, investors and residents. It is our objective to sensitively manage each building with the highest level of service standards. The services we provide are designed to fit the particular requirements of each individual property while encompassing the same basic and proven procedures, controls and systems we have developed and proven successful.

    We fully utilize our marketing, management, development and construction expertise to find innovative solutions as well as to effectively and efficiently supervise operations.

    The management of an individual property is the responsibility of the on-site property manager who manages the day-to-day operations of a building. The on-site manager reports to the Executive Senior Property Manager who is responsible for supervising the manager’s activities as well as acting as the liaison between the on-site manager and ownership. We encourage dynamic and resourceful personnel who can make informed decisions and act responsibly within our corporate structure and the parameters set forth by individual property owners. We measure the success of our management by the satisfaction of our residents and the attainment of long-term financial goals.
  • Integrity
    Our management style, tested operational systems, procedures and accounting methods have produced superior results that generate strong and consistent investment returns and value appreciation.
  • Experience
    With over 100 years of combined management experience, we have extensive knowledge in project, construction, and property management while focusing on servicing the individual needs of your association. We can solve your management needs by not only economizing your expenses, but also offering value to your property. Budgeting, coordinating, and planning for all of your everyday tasks involved with maintaining your buildings are just some of the services we offer to ultimately protect your investment.
  • Reputation
    The EAPMG’s shareholders and stakeholders are recognized throughout the real estate industry as a company dedicated to providing quality housing, management and service to both investors and residents.
  • Innovation
    Due to our experience in diverse areas of management, we find creative solutions to complicated problems. Our experts meet routinely to take a proactive team approach to problem solving.